München [Beatz for Freakz]

Munich based DJ and Producer Pakobeatz has been active in the cosmic disco scene for more than fifteen years now. Describing his sound as a „global tasting cocktail“, he found his own style that reflects his varied interests in music. All kinds of influences, among them African rhythms, Brazil beats, house, disco, funk and electronic music, find their way into both his DJ sets and productions, creating something that is uniquely its own.

After contributing a remix to the Midnight Dream EP published in 2010, his debut „From Earth to Space“ was released on Beatz for Freakz Recordings in early 2012. It includes two originals – Dynamic Earth and Dynamic Space, hence the title – and two remixes by DJ Zeyhan and Vaan, both of them prolific producers themselves. Other releases followed like „Morgentau“ and „Sound of Underground“, featuring the beautiful vocals of singer Nejma.

Since 2007 he is a member of Beatz for Freakz, a group of music lovers and DJs who have made it to their mission to create urban free spaces and bring some funk on the streets of Munich. Under the motto a party can be everywhere, Beatz for Freakz is hosting special events for special moments in all kind of weird locations, from old train bunkers to forests and bridges, there are no limits.

In 2019 he joined the Bavarian online radio station RADIOBAV as an artist and extending the program with his Globalectric Soundselection Series.

As a DJ, Pakobeatz is known for his energetic, driving sets that have served for many an ecstatic night on the dancefloor. Over the years he has played in different locations like Postgarage Graz, Backstage, Babalu, Die Bank, Senatore Bar, BMW World, Stustaculum Festival and many many more.

For info’s, dates, demos, remix-and booking requests: send a mail to pako@beatzforfreakz.com or check out www.beatzforfreakz.com

Discographie: Postgarage Graz Senatore Backstage Babalu Die Bank N8Stallungen Die Krake X-Cess Rock Box Alte Brauerei Stegen Orangehouse Lehel Bar Stustaculumfestival München Chilla VIlla Tirol Kafe Marat Mc Müllers Brickhouse Cafe Lebenslust Haus 45 Bunker Berg am Laim Sunrise Lounge KPPM Percha Festival Starnberg Privee and a lot of underground Events



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